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The Story of Britain
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3rd August 2018

Photos and events

Glorious images of great historic sites. Plus, get involved in a local history event  – from watching Romans battle in Hampshire or a knights’ tournament in Cheshire to a Tudor extravaganza in Devon and a Celtic festival in Perthshire.

c10000 – 4000 BC: Mesolithic period

Mike Pitts delves into deepest prehistory, when our hunter-gatherer forebears lived lightly off the land

4000 – 2500 BC: Neolithic Age 

Early farmers transformed Britain – and where better to see their impact than at Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire, says Francis Pryor

800 BC – 40 AD: Iron Age

Experience the era of hill forts, warfare and technological revolution

43 AD – 410 AD: The Romans

The Romans built cities, roads and walls to extend their empire across Britain. Mike Russell charts their rise

500 – 1066: Era of Saxons and Vikings

It may have been called the Dark Ages but this period shaped the character of our countryside, says Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough

Medieval Farming: Middle ages

How people lived and worked in the medieval countryside

1066 – 1485: Middle Ages

Castles and monasteries dominated the landscape as the feudal system shaped society, from monarch to peasant, reveals Emma Wells

 All eras: Faith and devotion

A round-up of must-visit holy sites, abbeys, cathedrals and more

1485 – 1603: The Tudors

The bloody Tudor age was characterised by religious intolerance, rebellion and opulence, says Suzannah Lipscomb

Stewart Scotland: Rise of a dynasty

Charting the emergence of Scotland’s ruling family and its impact 

1603 – 1714: Stuarts and civil war

A period of turbulence between monarch and Parliament in which the countryside served as the battleground, says Mark Stoyle

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